Clay Dev


Land Development

Unlike most of our competitors, Clay is one of the largest land developers in the Houston area. We have developed over 20 business parks and hundreds of individual sites, comprising over 2,000 acres. From site selection, to design, planning and development of streets, utilities, detention, mitigation, fire suppression and other amenities, Clay is a full service land developer with the ability to provide a site for almost any size project in any area of town. Having ready to build sites on the ground also allows us to complete projects on an expedited schedule.


Whether building on your site or ours, Clay can design and construct your facility at the best price and with the best quality possible, while meeting deadlines that other builders cannot even contemplate. We have completed hundreds of projects from additions and retrofits, to small single user buildings, to major large-scale manufacturing and distribution facilities, including large refrigerator and freezer buildings, heavy crane-served buildings, multistory office buildings and numerous specialty applications. No project is too big or too small.


Like Design/Build, we are happy to arrange financing and construct a custom facility at our cost for you to lease. We continue to own a portfolio of over 70 buildings. All of our Design/Build services are available on a build-to-suit basis on any or our sites and on property you have selects before-hand.


Clay offers full-service structural and civil engineering services. Our engineering group currently consists of 6 professionals with extensive experience in the engineering field. Having engineers on staff who work exclusively on Clay projects not only creates a synergy which other developers and builders cannot match, but also eliminates expensive time delays both in the planning and construction phases of our projects.


Clay also employees 2 licensed architects and various architectural support staff. Our architects are able to provide immediate feedback and drawings to clients, even during the introductory phase of our relationships. As with our engineers, Clay’s architects work exclusively on our projects and provide a level of service to our clients that is impossible for others in the industry to match. Our architects are well versed in all aspects of design, including permitting, fire code review, ADA compliance and LEED opportunities and requirements.

Project Bidding

Because of the number of projects we have completed, and the synergies created by having everything we need in-house, Clay can provide a preliminary design and turn-key bid on a project within 2-3 days of first sitting down with a client. We are also able to offer the best price for a project due to the large volume of work we complete, our relationships with our vendors and sub-contractors, and the savings realized by having engineering and architectural fees included in the turn-key price.

Site Planning

Clay can handle all aspects of site planning for a client. Form site selection, to surveying, environmental, geotechnical, detention and flood plain issues, we can help coordinate all due-diligence on a site to ensure that the proposed project will proceed with as little complication as possible.

Other Services

Clay can help facilitate tax abatements for clients on their sites as well as ours. We have also participated in several joint ventures with owners of land and buildings. Our relationships with local lenders allows us to help clients close deals more quickly and at the best terms available.